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EastEnders: Lucy’s dead!


Friday 18 April

Oh. My. God. Seriously: oh, my God! Lucy’s dead, and we’re really shocked by how it all played out.

She’s been pretty annoying over the years, has Lucy. A bit too full of herself and a bit reckless with other people’s feelings. But you know what? This last week, she started to grow on us. And we even felt a bit sorry for her when she was desperately searching for Peter, in floods of tears, as her mates all headed…

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Pregnant… and plausible?

Pregnancies Mark James Lowe

Thursday 17 April

Is it us, or have we entered the dark ages again? Some of soap’s leading lasses have clearly forgotten their history lessons (you know, where bold and brave women stood up and fought for female rights) and have instead thrown away all sensibility and resigned themselves to a lifetime of standing behind a man with a child in tow. What’s going on, girls?!

The two ladies in question have, up until this point, been smart, savvy and sexy businesswomen –…

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What’s up with Corrie’s women?


Wednesday 16 April

What we love about Coronation Street is the strong women. Those who put the men in their places, fight for their families, and be the best they can be. So we can’t help but wonder: what on earth has happened to those ladies?

Take Anna Windass, for example. Sure, you could argue she slept with Phelan for her family, but why the flip did she think it would help? And why did the usually kick-ass Windass do exactly what this…

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EastEnders: We love Sonia and Tina!


Friday 11 April

Here at All About Soap we pride ourselves on being able to spot a…

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Thursday 10 April

Poor, poor, poor Sinead – she’s been accused of murder and it turns out she didn’t kill Katy!

It’s bad enough that she’s been lying in her hospital bed, unable to speak or respond, so deep in her grief. It’s even worse that while she’s been there, her husband’s off sleeping with someone else. And then Diane and Tony go and organise the funeral without inviting her or telling her about it. Even if she had hurt Katy, it’s clear…

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Wednesday 9 April

Soaps have always been a hotbed of lust (to be honest, we’d be disappointed if they weren’t). But this week it seems like everyone is mad for a bit of – ahem – action…

The Mitchell sisters have certainly been making up for their recent dry spells, with Roxy flirting up a storm with smooth (and we suspect very dodgy) market inspector Aleks. By Friday, the Latvian charmer will have sweet-talked Rox into bed (or the living room floor, whatever…

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Hollyoaks: Joe’s awake!


Monday 7 April

Uh-oh, Lindsey and Freddie – Joe’s awake and he’s back in Hollyoaks!

As Lindsey and Freddie decided they would be together, then they wouldn’t be together, and then finally that they couldn’t resist each other and they definitely would be together, a weak Joe was on his way back to the village in his hospital gown – talk about bad timing!

While Frinsey were getting jiggy, Joe was being watched in his sick bed by Trevor. Mr Roscoe thought it’d be…

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EastEnders: We love the Carters!


Friday 4 April

So Lee Carter has arrived in Walford, and we’re very excited about getting to know him better. And we think this could be a good time to pause for a minute and talk about just how brilliant the entire Carter family really is.

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions when it comes to the Carters. In fact, there’s been so much going on with them that it’s hard to pick our favourite family moment.

Shirley and Mick reminiscing…

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Thursday 3 April

After a week of mysterious texts and calls, we finally discovered the identity of Lucy Beale’s mystery man. Drum roll please… It’s only dirty dog Max Branning! Eww!

The sleazy affair, which has been going on for nearly seven days, and undoubtedly started in the car lot when she asked Max for the moolah to start her business, will come as a bit of a shocker for the fans who’d put money on Jake Stone being Luce’s lover. But instead…

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Corrie: Poor Stella!

Stella Mark James Lowe

Wednesday 2 April

Stella Price arrived in Weatherfield three years ago, and in that time, she’s been run over, reunited with long-lost daughter Leanne, owned the Rovers Return, bagged herself a toyboy, nearly been burned alive, and discovered her new husband was a killer! Phew! So with all that drama under her belt, she deserved a damn good exit… Right?!

Wrong! Tonight, Stella got a rubbish goodbye. For a start it was on a Wednesday (she’s not even worth a double-episode cliffhanger, clearly)…

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Hollyoaks: Heartbreak for Sinead


Tuesday 1 April

We don’t really know what to say about tonight’s Hollyoaks, in which baby Katy passed away. It was just too sad for words.

Poor Sinead didn’t even get to the hospital in time to say goodbye to her little girl. And Lindsey, Diane, Finn, Tony and Freddie were all equally devastated.

It was very moving as the news was delivered to them all, music playing over the top so instead of hearing their screams of anguish, we could just see their…

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Hollyoaks: We love Leah!


Monday 31 March

With everything that was going on with Sinead and baby Katy, it was a pretty dramatic, tearful and horrible outing to Hollyoaks tonight, but throughout it there was one shining light of joy – little Leah. What a star!

Ste’s daughter was dumped on a hungover Leela, who called on Ziggy to help her out and ended up leaving the Roscoe hunk in charge of the kids.

Leah’s cute little face and one-liner comebacks had us in stitches.

When baby Rose filled…

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