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EastEnders: Sharon’s out for revenge!


Friday 25 July

So Sharon knows what Phil did and she wants to take him for everything he’s…

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Wednesday 23 July

We’ve always been partial to a soap fella from the wrong side of the tracks, and recently these particular bad boys have caught our attention…

1. Emmerdale’s Ross Barton
Reminiscent of a young Cain Dingle (although no one can quite replace the original), Ross ticks a lot of boxes for us. Emmerdale was crying out for a bad boy, and the mean and moody Barton lad fits the bill perfectly. His dodgy dealings with Donna have been brilliant to watch, but…

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Emmerdale: Kerry and Dan’s outrageous wedding!

KerryDan Mark James Lowe

Tuesday 22 July

A missing groom! A distraught bride! A devious brother! A pink suit! A Big Fat Gypsy Wedding-style dress! It’s all go in tonight’s Emmerdale, as Dan and Kerry prepare to get hitched. But will they manage to tie the knot?

We’ll have to wait and see, but in the meantime, here’s a little bit extra from our exclusive interview with Laura Norton (Kerry) and Liam Fox (Dan):

How much has this wedding meant to Kerry?
Laura: She’s been over the moon and…

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Hollyoaks: Fraser’s killer revealed!


Friday 18 July

OMG, did you see that coming? Freddie killed Fraser and now he’s trying to frame Joe! What a rotter!

So, after months of whodunnit, we finally found out who killed Fraser in tonight’s First Look over on E4 (although ‘Oaks had announced it earlier on their Snapchat). We knew the police had narrowed it down to Joe, Freddie or Sandy, and our money was on scorned wife Sand, but we were totally wrong.

In flashback, we discovered Freddie had found Fraser…

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EastEnders: The latest on Lucy!

Lucylatest Mark James Lowe

Thursday 17 July

Well, what a week it’s been for the Lucy Beale murder investigation. First Billy was put in the frame, and now somebody’s just buried Lucy’s phone and purse at the allotments. But who?

Let’s take a look at what we’ve learnt recently. The new suspect on people’s radar is (bizarrely) Billy Mitchell. We now know that he had a big barney with Lucy the night she died, over some fish (as you do). And it now looks even more suspicious…

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Wednesday 16 July

We were gutted to see Maxine give in and return to evil Patrick (yet again) in tonight’s First Look episode of Hollyoaks on E4. And with their wedding just round the corner, it begs the question, how is she ever going to be rid of him now?

Everything was going so well. Dennis had transported Maxine to the safe house, and despite a few initial wobbles, the mum-to-be agreed that she would stay put and try to rebuild her shattered…

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EastEnders: Did Billy really kill Lucy Beale?


Monday 14 July

Erm, no. We’re quite confident he didn’t. In fact, we reckon tonight’s episode was so full of red herrings that they could be the newest item on the menu at Beale’s Plaice.

Now, the Walford police haven’t proved themselves to be the brightest bunch (especially Emma, who’s way more bothered about sleeping with Max than she is about keeping her job). But surely they must have dusted Jake’s flat for fingerprints? And surely then they’d have found out Billy had…

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EastEnders: Linda and Mick aren’t married!


Thursday 10 July

So EastEnders Linda and Mick are hiding a big secret – they aren’t actually married!…

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Wednesday 9 July

At last Sienna and her long-lost daughter Nico have been reunited and we couldn’t be happier. But one person who certainly doesn’t share our joy is evil Patrick Blake!

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Hollyoaks: Sinead loves Tony!


Tuesday 8 July

Sinead’s revenge plan has gone a bit wrong – she’s fallen in love with Tony!

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Give these guys a storyline!


Monday 7 July

Everyone has their favourite soap characters, and we certainly have a big list of those we love. But unfortunately it seems some of our choices are being very underused. Here are our top five faces who are crying out for their own big plot:

1. The most obvious choice for us has to be EastEnders’ Jay Mitchell. Actor Jamie Borthwick is one of the biggest talents on TV, yet all Jay seems to do is chase after girlfriend Abi or…

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Emmerdale: On your bike!


Friday 4 July

With the Tour de France arriving in Yorkshire tomorrow, Emmerdale’s gone cycling mad! And in tonight’s episode, who should turn up but Olympic gold-medal-winning cyclist Victoria Pendleton! We caught up with her to find out about her soap cameo.

What did you think when you were first asked to appear in Emmerdale?
I thought it might be a really nice opportunity to do something different. I like trying new things. Also, my mum is a really big Emmerdale fan, so I…

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