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Home and Away: Charlie dies!

5437-12. Brax lets Sid in to adjust the ventilator. Brax and Charlie together. Monday 13 February

Home and Away’s Charlie Buckton is fighting for her life in hospital and Ruby’s made the decision to turn off the life-support machine. Prepare yourselves because tonight’s episode is going to be sad!

We blame Brax. We know, we know: Charlie’s relationship with the River Boy has been hot with a capital H. We’ll even admit we’ve been guilty of willing the cute cop to throw caution to the wind, forget her career, and get down to it with the buff Braxton.

And if only she’d never listened to us she wouldn’t be at death’s door now.

Bad boys are trouble. And despite all Brax’s claims that he was going straight, he’d still angered enough people in the past to get his girlfriend killed.

But Brax has had it tough, so we’ll forgive him. We’ll allow him to spend a few weeks going off the rails in grief, and we’ll even excuse him for refusing to accept Ruby’s decision to turn off the life support, as long as he promises to honour Charlie’s memory by eventually getting his act together and playing by the rules.

Ruby’s lost her mother and she’s going to need a strong influence in her life – and Brax could be the guy to help her through this difficult time. We’re counting on him to pull himself together and become a stand-up Bay resident. You can do it Brax!


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