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Corrie: Katy and Ryan are hot stuff!

KatyRyan Wednesday 27 February

Forget the upcoming Rovers fire, the most smoking thing on the street has to be the growing attraction between hot couple Katy and Ryan. This sexy young pair look so damn good together you’d be forgiven for forgetting that Katy’s actually already spoken for. Whoops!

In tonight’s episode, the sparks are flying amongst the greasy doners as Katy starts to work down the kebab shop (how, erm, romantic!). A world away from her daily chores as a young mum, Katy’s thrilled to be a working woman, and even more chuffed that she’s got a fit fella lusting after her. Always helps, eh?

Smoothie Ryan certainly knows how to woo the ladies, and after showering the beautiful brunette with compliments, the cute Connor decides to finish their first day behind the counter together by pulling Katy in for a snog.

You’ll have to tune in tonight to see whether Katy’s tempted enough to kiss Ry back (of course, she is!), but we have to admit this forbidden relationship has come as no real surprise to us.

Yes, they’re quite sweet together, but we’ve never honestly bought this whole Katy-and- Chesney thing. They got together so young, rushed into having a baby, and haven’t really lived. It’s hardly any wonder a couple of years down the line that Katy’s looking for excitement elsewhere.

It remains to be seen whether this dalliance with Ryan will just be a quick thrill for our Katy, or if it’s going to turn into a full-blown affair. We’re a fan of the latter option, because quite frankly there’s nothing we heart more than a bit of forbidden naughtiness!


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