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Corrie: Ryan’s a rotter!

Ryan Friday 20 July

Blimey! How much has Ryan Connor changed during his time away from the cobbles?! And it’s not just his face we’re referring to…

Ryan arrived back on Wednesday, and it didn’t take long to see that the sweet, caring lad who moved to Glasgow uni two years ago was long gone. Instead of heading straight to see mum Michelle, Ryan wiled the hours away chain-smoking, bragging about his student exploits to pal Sophie Webster, and accidentally setting Steve McDonald’s manky house on fire!

If trying to pin blame for the inferno on Soph wasn’t bad enough (whatever happened to friendship?!), rebellious Ryan really showed his true colours in last night’s episode, when he staged an accident at the factory to get out of working…  What a lazy oik!

Foolish Michelle may have fallen for Ryan’s ‘I’ve tripped over and hurt my back’ act, but we reckon Rob might be on to the work-shy lad (he must have been involved in enough scams in his life to know when someone’s trying to pull a fast one).

So Ryan had somehow managed to get out of stuffing cheap knickers into boxes. But when Rob and Michelle mentioned the alternative of him working in the office, Mr Connor decided it was time to play his trump card, saying he was going to sue Underworld for his ‘fall’. No, we couldn’t quite believe what we were hearing either!

Worse is yet to come too, because in the next few weeks we’re going to see Ryan’s not only a nasty piece of work, he’s also a druggie! His dark addiction is going to cause a lot of grief for his family… Maybe Michelle will be left wishing her son had stayed away after all!


Storylines ending 15 August

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