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Don’t miss Hollyoaks!

EASTENDERS SET Wednesday 14 November

Whatever you’re doing at 6pm this evening, stop it immediately and watch Hollyoaks instead. It’s going to be one of the most explosive episodes ever!

It’s the day of the double wedding – not only Ste and Doug but also Cindy and Tony are about to tie the knot. However, Ste and Doug have been keeping some pretty big secrets from each other, and Cindy’s been sleeping with Rhys – and Tony knows all about it. Hmm, already it doesn’t sound like the recipe for a happy wedding day for anyone…

To top it all off, Ruby, Jono and their friends are on the way to Gretna Green, but Esther is determined to stop them and Bart’s about to scupper their plans.

We were lucky enough to have a sneaky preview of tonight’s dramatic episode and it’s one of the best ‘Oaks we’ve ever seen!

It’s got a brilliant mix of terror, shock, surprise, and even a bit of humour – and there are some amazing performances from the cast. Claire Cooper is fabulous as always, and watch out for Andrew Moss, Steph Waring and Jazmine Franks, who all act their socks off.

We’d love to know what you think of tonight’s episode so don’t forget to let us know on Twitter or Facebook. And you won’t want to miss tomorrow’s instalment either when the fallout from the dramatic wedding day continues. There won’t be a dry eye in the house…


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