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EastEnders: Billy’s Olympic glory!

EastEnders Tuesday 24 July

If there were a medal given for the best thing on TV last night, EastEnders’ live Olympic segment would definitely win gold! The whole thing was a triumph, and didn’t the cast do us proud?

For a scary moment, it looked like Billy Mitchell would never escape that sweaty tube and make it back in time for his big moment. But he did (phew!), and after hurriedly changing into his official Olympic trackie, Bill was ready to rumble… Who else loved his cheeky wink at the camera?!

While Billy did a lap around the Square carrying the iconic flame, and high-fiving his excited neighbours, over in McKlunky’s there was a whole other drama going on as Lola found herself in the final stages of labour.

With capable Cora taking on the role of midwife, we knew Lo was in safe hands. But, boy, did we feel the teen’s agony through every contraction. Hats off to relative newbie Danielle Harold (aka Lola) for making the birth scenes look so realistic on live TV… That’s no mean feat!

Cut back to the Square, and Billy’s moment of glory had come to an end (we thought actor Perry Fenwick did a sterling job) – but when Fatboy burst through the crowds to announce Lola was about to drop her sprog, Bill legged it to be at his granddaughter’s side.

The seamless live segment was finished off perfectly as Lola delivered a beautiful little girl (the less said about the ‘stunt baby’ the better) with proud pops Billy by her side. All together now… Aww!

Well, if all that excitement wasn’t enough to whet your appetites for London 2012, we don’t know what is. Bring on the Games!


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