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EastEnders: Come back soon, Shirley!

Shirley Friday 7 September

She might be a scary, loud-mouthed bottle blonde, but we’re really going to miss Shirley on the Square!

After what she’s been through since Hev’s death, there’s no doubt that getting out of Walford and spending some time with her family is the right thing to do. We were so pleased to see Carly forgive her mum for not being the perfect parent in the past, and loved the look on Phil’s face when Ms Wicks shoved the wad of cash back at him as they all piled into the massive pickup truck.

But the best thing about tonight’s EastEnders had to be the moment when Shirley told Phil to watch his back, because she won’t be gone for long. It doesn’t happen very often, but seeing Mr Mitchell quaking in his boots is a sight we won’t forget in a hurry.

For Phil, Shirley’s like a ticking time bomb… and we can’t wait to see her return to the Square to unleash the truth about Phil’s cover-up.

She might be out of his sight for the time being, but she certainly won’t be out of his mind.

And there’s only one thing more shocking than seeing someone get the upper hand on Mr Mitchell, and that’s drunk Phil. And who knows, with all that stress on his shoulders and Shirley’s threat hanging in the air, could he make a return sooner rather than later?


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