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EastEnders: Everybody’s Talking About It!

Danny Mark James Lowe Tuesday 1 October

Since the news broke at midnight that Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright were joining EastEnders as Mick and Linda, the new publicans of The Queen Vic, the nation has been in a frenzy.

Everybody’s talking about it in our office, the newspapers and news websites have it as a top story, and Danny Dyer is even trending on Twitter! This amazing buzz about EastEnders is lovely to have again after such a long while, and it’s all down to one man: new executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins.

Dominic’s in charge of lifting the show from its current state of affairs back up to its former glory – and what a start he’s made. Since taking on the top job, he’s brought about some great changes, starting with the introduction of the Carter family – Mick, the new landlord of The Vic, is Shirley’s younger brother! He and wife Linda will appear towards the end of the year, with their kids in tow too.

It doesn’t stop there. Also on her way is Shirl’s sister, Tina – played by Holby City and This Life actress Luisa Bradshaw-White – and we’re so chuffed that Shirley’s getting the reinvigoration she deserves. For the last year, she’s either been propping up the bar in The Vic, or dishing out the odd acid-tongued quip in the Minute Mart or McKlunky’s. Finally, we’re going to see a new era for the spiky lady.

Alas, with all these new arrivals, there were bound to be some departures. In the last week, it’s been announced that Kirsty, Carl, Alice, AJ, Poppy, Ava and Sam are all on their way out – and we have to admit, we think these are the right people to go.

With all these brilliant developments, the Walford soap is finally becoming a show to look forward to watching again. Which other characters would you like to have a big storyline again? What would you love to see Dominic do next? As always, tweet us your thoughts @allaboutsoapmag!


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