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Hollyoaks: Brendan killed Walker!

BrendanWalker Tuesday 19 March

OMG – did you see that showdown between Brendan and Walker?! Wasn’t it epic?

We are so engrossed in Brendan Week, we’ve barely come up for air, and his final battle on the train track with Walker was like something out of a Hollywood film!

After Walker tracked down Texas (bit of a random choice, if you ask us!) to send a message to Brendan, Double B knew this was only going to end one way: someone had to die – and he was damn sure it wasn’t going to be him.

He went to the graveyard where Walker had told him to meet, and after a dramatic car chase, pumped-up Mr Brady followed his nemesis to a viaduct, where the battle commenced.

Hollyoaks pulled no punches with the violence – both men were bloody and battered, but we never doubted Brendan. It was Walker who ended up in front of the oncoming train, never to be seen again.

So that’s one archenemy down: now it’s just Seamus to go. What will the rest of the week have in store? We can hardly wait! Check in tomorrow for part three of our special week-long Brendan blog!


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