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Hollyoaks: Cheryl kills Seamus!

BrendanSeamus Wednesday 20 March

OMG! Are our eyes deceiving us? Did Cheryl Brady really just shoot her dad dead? She sure did!

Following Walker’s demise under the wheels of a train, we weren’t sure Brendan Week could get any better. We were wrong. Double B knew there was more drama to come, and admitted as much to Ste: “It’s not over, Steven. It’s like when you pull a pin out of a grenade… It’s not over.”

After revealing all to his heartbroken boyfriend about the years of abuse he suffered at the hands of his evil father, suddenly the world didn’t seem such a lonely place for BB. But then came Walker’s gift from beyond the grave, one he had promised would rip Bren’s world apart. And, boy, he’d kept to his word.

As Cheryl received a mysterious USB stick in the post, she plugged the device into her laptop and learnt the whole twisted truth about what kind of man her daddy really is.

Cut back to the club, and Seamus was spewing venomous bile in Brendan’s direction. But just as sick Seamus was about to assault his son, he was stopped in his tracks by a bullet. Bang!

So, Seamus is dead and Cheryl’s a murderer! What the heck is going to happen next? Will Chezza turn herself in, or is Brendan going to take the rap for her crime? All we know is that this ain’t over yet, not by a long shot…


Storylines ending 1 August

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