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Hollyoaks: Don’t miss it!

HOLLYOAKS-TX-27_08_12 Monday 27 August

It’s an exciting evening in Hollyoaks tonight as things in the Mercedes/Riley/Mitzeee love triangle take another turn…

After Riley’s shock proposal on Friday, Mercedes is thrilled to have finally got her way – Mitzeee’s locked up, as is Dr Browning, and she’s taking home the prize she’s been after all along: Riley.

Feeling like a champion already, Mercy’s overjoyed when Riley cements their reunion tonight by getting down on one knee and giving her a ring. But we don’t believe she really loves him. We still think this was all about winning for her.

It’s also the start of Mitzeee’s trial this evening. And as the model slowly goes mad in prison, news of Riley’s engagement to Mercedes is going to send her over the edge…

Mercy, meanwhile, can’t be content with her victory, she has to twist the knife into Mitzeee even further – but what is she plotting this time? And will it work?

We’re really hoping Mercedes is found out soon before Riley says his vows. Little Bobby needs a stable mother, not mental Mercy – and Riley needs a good woman in his life to look after him. We’re not too sure Mitzeee is that girl either, but we think she’s better than Mercedes, that’s for sure!


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