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Hollyoaks: Dr Browning did it!

HOLLYOAKS-TX-03_08_12 Tuesday 21 August

After weeks of trying to guess whodunnit, it turns out it was Dr Browning who squeezed the life out of poor Lynsey Nolan. We had the dastardly doc’s card marked from day one, but have to admit that tonight’s big reveal has left us a bit cold.

It transpired that Dr B killed Lyns simply to stop her telling the police that Mercedes stabbed herself! This was a crime of passion, but there’s no way Mercy is worth killing for.

Worse still, Lynsey’s life could have been saved, if Walker (who was hiding in her house at the time) had stepped out of the shadows and wrestled Paul off her. But instead, the undercover cop did nothing, and listened right until Lyns took her last breath. Was this part of getting his ultimate revenge against Brendan? It’s pretty messed up, whatever.

Disappointingly, it also transpired that Dr Browning has zilch to do with Silas’s epic return. It was a mere coincidence that the medical man was caught up in the serial killer’s escape from hospital. We think it could have made a brilliant twist if Silas had been schooling Dr B, and getting him to carry on his work while he was behind bars.

A lot of fans had assumed Ally was Lynsey’s killer, but we discovered the Aussie soldier’s secret isn’t a murderous one: he was just nicked by Walker for identity fraud. Snore!

Do you think last night’s episode did justice to what’s been a fantastically gripping storyline, or were you hoping for something a little less predictable?


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