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Hollyoaks: Dr Browning is dodgy!

DrBrowning Thursday 12 July

As the hunt for Lynsey Nolan’s killer hots up, we reckon the Chester police are missing one fairly obvious suspect… Dr Paul Browning! He might not be a murderer, but you can’t deny there’s something not right about the preying practitioner.

In last night’s E4 episode of Hollyoaks, we learnt that the doc has left his marital home and moved into the flat next door to Riley and Mercedes. What a coincidence that he’ll be living within touching distance of his on/off lover… Not!

Whether Mercy likes it or not, Dr B has something of a hold over her. How stressed did she look when he thrust her hospital release form in her face, smugly saying he had proof she was in the village just as Lyns met her maker? Or could he be trying to cover his own tracks by shifting the blame onto someone else?

Backed into a corner, the McQueen minx thought she’d solve this little problem the only way she knows how – with sex! Browning was only too happy to oblige when she turned up at his pad tarted up to the nines (natch), and Mercedes thought her plan was coming together nicely. How wrong was she?!

Seeing through her scheme, the devilish doc advised Mercedes she was better to keep him on side, and made her a proposition that he pretends to be her new boyfriend to make Riley jealous. Er, we don’t think Mr Costello actually cares!

Nevertheless, Mercedes agreed, and Riley arrived home to find the pair playing tonsil tennis in his kitchen. Granted, he was surprised, but still not that bothered!

Now they’ve made their little pact, we’re going to see a lot more of Dr Browning in the next few weeks. There’s going to be some interesting clues about his past, but will any of these lead us to be convinced he’s a cold-blooded killer? Only time will tell…


Storylines ending 15 August

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