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Hollyoaks Later: RIP Brendan Brady?

RIP Brendan Friday 21 September

Wow. Just wow. After watching the final explosive episode of Hollyoaks Later, we think it’s safe to say they saved the best till last. It was scandalous, scary, shocking and… well, frankly, blinkin’ brilliant!

Will Brendan Brady survive the impact of the massive gas explosion at the beach house? Who knows (well we do, but we’re not telling!), but one thing is for sure: Emmett J Scanlan’s performance as Double B has been off the scale this week.

It’s impossible to pick our most jaw-dropping Bren moment, but his violent romp with Walker ranks pretty high, as does the second he went all Saw and dismembered Mick’s body in the barn, only to get caught by Cheryl. Gory doesn’t even begin to cover it!

And then came the shocking revelation that Brendan was abused by his father when he was a child (we’re still reeling from that one – are you?). We’d long suspected there were some dark skeletons lurking in the club owner’s closet, and this horrifying discovery goes some of the way to explain why Bren’s as screwed up as he is.

Elsewhere, we were on the edge of our seats as Mitzeee finally caught up with evil nemesis Mercy, and held a knife to her throat (why didn’t she just finish the job?!), and left shouting at our TV screens when foolish Theresa decided a life on the run with bad boy Joel was preferable to staying in Hollyoaks and looking after Kathleen Angel. We wonder how long she’ll be gone for before she realises it was a bad move.

Shot like a slick movie, Hollyoaks Later had a bit of everything, and we’re gutted that it’s all over for another year… Talk about going out with a bang, though!


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