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Hollyoaks: Martha’s a rubbish mum!

HOLLYOAKS-TX-22_05_12 Wednesday 23 May

If there were ever an award for soap’s worst mum then Hollyoaks’ Martha Kane would be a sure-fire contender. Immature, irresponsible, alcoholic… The list just goes on and on.

Look, don’t get us wrong, we realise Martha must be a bit cash-strapped looking after three teenage kids (and Papa Kane isn’t exactly on the scene), but stashing unpaid utility bills in the kitchen drawer is definitely not the answer to her money woes. Confront your problems, luv, instead of hiding them under your tea towels!

Martha’s reckless behaviour is having a massive effect on Callum, who should be cramming for the most important exams of his life, but instead has spent most of the week stressing about whether his family is going to be left without a roof over their heads.

In last night’s first-look Hollyoaks, we saw Callum adopting the role of parent as he forced his ma to write Jack a cheque for her overdue rent. Cal might be the only man chez Kane (sorry, George!) but is it really his responsibility to manage Martha’s finances? Answer: no!

And just when we thought things couldn’t get much worse, Martha dropped another bombshell – she’s only gone and lost her job! Well, we’re pretty sure Callum can kiss goodbye to his dreams of studying in New York now.

Martha’s going to have to swing a few favours if she doesn’t want her brood to end up on the streets, but we bet you anything it’ll be left to Callum to pick up the pieces while she drowns her sorrows in another bottle of cheap plonk!


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