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Hollyoaks: Mercedes is stabbed!

HOLLYOAKS-TX-26_06_12 Tuesday 26 June

Wow, if you didn’t watch last night’s first-look Hollyoaks on E4, then you have to tune in tonight to watch it on Channel 4 because it was a huge shocker! After weeks of stalking Mitzeee, Mercedes went a massive step further in her plan for revenge and stabbed herself, framing Mitzeee in the process!

As Mitzeee and Riley finally cemented their love and went public with their new romance, us Ritzeee fans were thrilled about this happy little family. And a sinister Mercedes seemed okay with it too, but then she broke into the flat and set up a shrine of pictures, which sent Mitzeee over the edge.

As the struggling model slowly lost her grip on reality, it all ended in a showdown, which saw her finally realise Mercedes has been her stalker all along…

Picking up a knife to protect herself, Mitzeee went nuts and a fight ensued. A frazzled Mitz was overpowered by determined Mercy and ended up unconscious.

Then, when the messed-up McQueen looked out of the window and saw Riley about to arrive home, she knew she’d be blamed for knocking Mitzeee out and had to think quickly.

Seeing the knife on the floor, mad Mercedes came up with the perfect plan and we winced as she plunged the blade into her own stomach, knowing everyone would think Mitzeee did it!

So now manipulative Mercedes has the upper hand over her rival. We hope Riley can see through his ex’s lies and stand by Mitzeee, but the evidence is pretty damning. After all, who’d suspect anyone of stabbing themselves – very few people are warped enough to do that…


Storylines ending 1 August

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