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Hollyoaks: Mercy’s in meltdown!

Mercedes Wednesday 30 May

We’ve got something a bit shocking to admit: we’re actually starting to feel sorry for Mercedes McQueen. Yes, she’s a nasty cow for waging a hate campaign against love rival Mitzeee, but Mercy is a woman teetering on the verge of a massive meltdown.

When news emerged earlier this week that serial killer Silas Blissett won’t stand trial for his catalogue of crimes, Mercedes claimed to Riley, “Being angry won’t change nowt!” But we could tell seeing her cruel captor’s face splashed across the local rag had knocked her for six. You can’t hide anything from us, sweetie!

However, instead of admitting she was reliving her harrowing ordeal through terrifying nightmares, Mercedes did what Mercedes does best and decided a randy hook-up with dirty Dr Browning (boo hiss!) was just what she needed to get her mind off Silas.

After slapping on the war paint and selecting her sluttiest outfit, minxy Merc headed to a grotty hotel where she lay draped over the bed waiting for the married medic to arrive. But will an afternoon of meaningless dirty nookie help take her mind off her troubles? Will it heck!

Mercedes knows she’s sinking. She pretty much admitted it when the doc asked her if she hated him and she replied, “I guess I hate myself a little more…” So why doesn’t she get some help before she totally and utterly loses the plot?

Things are bound to get worse before they get better (this is Soapland, after all) but we’re missing our tart-with-a-heart Mercedes. We want to see her flirting her way around the village again, but without her finger firmly on the self-destruct button…


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