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Hollyoaks: Mercy’s trial verdict!

Mercy Thursday 6 December

So, Mercedes got off! We can’t quite believe she managed it, but she was cleared of all charges – will the mixed-up McQueen ever get her comeuppance?

We’ll give Mercy her dues: she gave an outstanding performance in court – even we were left wondering if Riley had actually abused her – so a non-the-wiser jury had no chance against the wily woman.

Her lawyer put in a pretty good show too – and his attempts to woo Carmel in his hi-vis vest were brilliant!

As evil Dr Browning gave evidence claiming Riley was violent and murdered Lynsey, Nana McQueen added her two pence worth by announcing to the court Riley had tried to kill her too. We can see where Mercy gets her habit of lying from now.

We will admit, we were disappointed in Carmel and Jacqui – they’re usually the moral McQueens and for them to go along with the pantomime was pretty sad. After all, someone needs to stand up to merciless Mercy.

We have no doubt Mitzeee will make good on her promise to ensure Mercedes pays for her lies, but it was Myra who finally did the right thing by telling her daughter she couldn’t come home.

Devastated Mercy was dropped off at Jacqui’s flat, away from the warm, loving bosom of her family. As she surveyed her surroundings and looked horrified, we were pleased to see she didn’t get everything she wanted after all…


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