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Home and Away: Sasha killed Stu!

Home & Away Monday 26 March

Sasha finally confessed to her dad that she killed Stu Henderson last week. And tonight Sid vows to protect his daughter from the long arm of the law – with the help of super solicitor Morag Bellingham!

Sid’s been prime suspect for weeks and, after the police found Stu’s bloody T-shirt in a barn at the farmhouse, the whole town started to doubt the local doc’s innocence and Sasha realised she had to come clean.

After suffering for months at the hands of her violent boyfriend, Sasha ended up killing him. We have no idea how it happened, but we’re now left wondering whether it was an accident, self-defence or she just snapped and murdered him in a moment of madness.

We don’t think a girl of her slight size could overpower Stu, and the troubled teen swears blind it was an accident. She claims that Stu fell and hit his head. We want to believe her, but is she telling the truth?

Tonight sees Morag arrive back in the Bay to defend the young girl – and if Morag thinks Sasha did it in self-defence, then that’s good enough for us!

If anyone can get her off a murder charge it’s the ballsy Bellingham, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that Morag’s still got it and can keep Sasha out of jail…


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