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Hollyoaks: Silas has escaped!

HOLLYOAKS-TX-19_07_12 Thursday 19 July

Seriously, how rubbish are the police in Hollyoaks letting psycho Silas escape from hospital?

While having tests in last night’s Channel 4 episode, he faked heart convulsions and who should happen to be the doctor treating him? Only Dr Browning – we told you there was something suspect about him!

The incompetent officers left Silas alone with the dodgy doc, and the next thing they knew the old man had knocked Browning out, stolen his shoes and run away. Come on, are we really expected to believe Silas could take out young, strong Dr B alone? Or is this evidence they’re working together…?

After his escape, in the first look on E4, Silas found himself talking to Lynsey’s ghost. She tormented him about his slayings and started to send him mad.

Then he headed round to see Texas and, because the police hadn’t thought for one second to send protection round to the woman Silas has been upsetting for weeks, he managed to get inside her flat.

After tying Tex up and rounding on her with a scarf, ready to make her his next victim, Texas thought she was about to join her poor deceased sister, India.

Silas told her she was going to die at his hands – and then he backed off, telling her it wouldn’t be today. Assuring her he’d always be out there and would return when she least expected it, he left with the flurry of a pantomime villain.

The last we saw of Silas was him in a sun hat following a group of girls from a hen do onto a bus – could they be the next victims of what he calls his ‘cleansing’?

One thing we’re sure of, this won’t be the last we see of Silas. We can feel it…


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