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Hollyoaks: Stug or Stendan?

HOLLYOAKS-TX-11_05_12 Friday 11 May

Ste Hay and Doug Carter shared their first kiss on last night’s first-look Hollyoaks (catch it tonight on Channel 4 if you missed it), but are they for real?

We’ve had longing looks and stolen glances as Doug’s tried to come to terms with the fact he likes another guy. His feelings finally came out earlier this week when he admitted that he was in love with Ste – and then took his declaration back practically straight away!

After another day of dithering, the pair had a sexually charged confrontation, which led to their long-awaited first kiss – and we have to say, it was pretty hot stuff!

Now, we’ve always been staunch Stendan supporters, but something about Stug has caught our attention – we quite love their chemistry and think they could make a good couple.

But Brendan is always going to be in the way, isn’t he? In fact, it was him who interrupted their sneaky snogging sesh in the deli last night, and we reckon as soon as he gets wind of Hollyoaks’ hottest new couple, he’s going to do his best to spilt them up.

For now, he has no need to intervene because Ste’s put the breaks on any further action with Doug, believing his business partner isn’t ready to admit he’s gay. But the sexual tension between these two is undeniable and working together every day isn’t going to help that. So surely it’s only a matter of time before they get it on – and we’ll be encouraging it!

But then again, we’d love to see Stendan back together as well… It’s the love triangle to end all love triangles and we just can’t decide which way we want Ste to go – what do you lot reckon?


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