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Hollyoaks: What next for Brendan?

HOLLYOAKS-TX-18_08_11 Wednesday 4 April

Brendan Brady is the most popular character in Hollyoaks – and here at All About Soap, we love him! But we are starting to wonder what’s next for the Brady bad boy…

It’s all very well strutting around the village letting everyone know you’re in charge, and throwing mean and moody looks in the direction of anyone who’s tempted to take you on. But you can’t go on doing this forever, Brendan. And we all know it’s Ste you really want.

Yes, they can deny it as much as they like, but Brendan and Ste are meant to be together. And we want Stendan back in each other’s arms – fast.

This week, Brendan’s trying to get involved in Ste and Doug’s new deli, but Mr Hay isn’t having any of Bren’s nonsense and tells him to butt out of his business. However, it doesn’t look like Doug’s as keen to turn down Brendan’s money as Ste is, and that means Mr Brady’s going to be tied to Ste even more…

So why don’t they just get together properly? Okay, so Brendan beat Ste up and generally treated him quite badly, but we think it’s time the Brady brute let down his walls – we need to see this softer side to Brendan or else we’re just going to get bored with him.

We still love you, Brendan, but give us something more than dodgy deals and menacing glances – give us Stendan!


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