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Hollyoaks: What was the point of Ally?

HOLLYOAKS-TX-27_11_12 Tuesday 27 November

In last night’s first-look Hollyoaks, we finally discovered the truth about enigmatic Ally Gorman. But was it really worth the wait? Er, not so much.

Ally’s arrival in Chester was shrouded in mystery. Aside from the fact that he was an army medic recently returned from service in Afghanistan (and seriously hot to boot!) all we knew about the Aussie was that he was harbouring a dark secret (is there any other kind?!).

As Ally seamlessly worked his way from Amy Barnes’s bed into Ash’s, and then became ‘head’ of the Kane household, it was clear he had a game plan, but what it was we just couldn’t put our finger on.

Next, came the revelation that Ally had been convicted for identity fraud (snore!), but even when he managed to convince gullible Ash it was all a load of tosh, we had high hopes he was hiding an even juicier secret. So we waited, and waited…

In the end, it transpired that the former soldier wasn’t actually Ally Gorman, but a con artist called Edward James. And his crime? Wanting to be a hero by protecting needy families like the Kane clan… We’re not too sure how much of a helping hand he thought he was giving by trying to pop Lacey’s cherry. But that’s another story!

Considering we’d waited the best part of a year to discover this news, we were left a bit cold by Ally’s big reveal. For a character that had a lot more potential, he was given a hurried and anti-climatic exit. In fact, Ash kneeing him in the nuts might have been the most exciting thing about the whole thing! What did you think? We’d love to hear your views.


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