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Hollyoaks: Who murdered Lynsey?

HOLLYOAKS-TX-29_06_12 Friday 29 June

OMG! We can’t believe we’re writing this, but Hollyoaks’ Lynsey Nolan is DEAD! Never in a million years did we ever see that one coming.

One minute lovely Lyns was excitedly booking a girly break to Portugal and the next thing we know Brendan had returned home to find her lifeless body slumped on the sofa. What exactly happened in those moments between? And, more importantly, who had a motive for doing away with the Irish nurse? Let’s have a quick look at the evidence so far…

There are actually a number of suspects in the frame, and for our money the most obvious one has to be Brendan’s evil enemy, Sampson. Could he have gone to the house looking for Mr Brady and ended up bumping off Lynsey in a fit of rage?

Then there’s Mercedes. Lynsey had discovered she was Mitzeee’s stalker and had threatened to expose her. Just before Lyns met her maker we saw a rattled Mercy arrive home from hospital – did she go and confront Lynsey? And if so, how far was she prepared to go in order to silence her former friend?

Mysterious duo Ally and Walker both had reason to want Miss Nolan out of the way. Lynsey was on the verge of uncovering their big secret, so could they have conspired to get rid of her for good?

And how can we ignore Lynsey’s arch-nemesis, Silas Blissett? Lynsey was responsible for bringing him down, so what better way to exact his revenge than by arranging her murder from behind bars? Silas will be making his explosive return to the village very soon, so if he did have something to do with it, we’re sure he’ll tell us.

If you haven’t managed to see Lynsey’s last moments, don’t forget to tune into Hollyoaks on Channel 4 tonight, and let us know who you think dunnit!


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