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Hollyoaks: Will Nancy lose her baby?

HOLLYOAKS-TX-02_10_12 Wednesday 3 October

2012 really hasn’t brought Nancy and Darren Osborne much luck, has it? First, they broke up, then once they were back together, Nancy suffered a tragic miscarriage, and now she’s faced with having to deliver their baby boy three months early. Will their misery ever end?

Pregnant Nance’s stress levels have been sky high for the last couple of weeks as, instead of taking things easy, she’s been sneaking around trying to protect best mate Mitzeee who’s on the run. Concerned hubby Darren warned her to stop harbouring Miss Minniver, but ever the stubborn madam, Nancy ignored his advice. We really wish she hadn’t.

After being rushed to hospital in last night’s first-look episode, Mr and Mrs O’s worst fears were confirmed when the doctors revealed she was in labour and would have to give birth to her premature tot.

Our hearts were breaking for the couple as they faced the reality of their situation. Nancy’s convinced her bubba won’t make it, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed there will be a happy ending to their nightmare.

Despite the sad nature of the storyline, it’s been amazing (as always) to watch Jess Fox (aka Nancy) and Ashley Taylor Dawson (Darren) acting their socks off, and proving to us once again they’re two of the best actors in soap right now.

Whatever happens, Nancy and Darren have got some seriously tough times ahead. They may be one of the strongest couples in Hollyoaks, but we’re afraid that this latest turn of events could destroy their marriage for good…


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