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Home and Away: Explosion exclusive!

KyleIrene Mark James Lowe Monday 3 March

Wowzers! It’s all been blowing up (literally!) in Summer Bay the last few days. With the dust starting to settle after the huge bomb explosion, we sat down with Lynne McGranger and Nic Westaway, aka Irene and Kyle, for a chat on a gorgeous sunny day during their visit to London.

So, Lynne, Irene’s involved in the explosion. Eek!
Lynne: I know! People thought I’d died! Although you nearly didn’t see what happened to Irene at all. It was decided that one of the long-serving characters would be involved in the big end-of-year cliffhanger, and so they asked me. Or rather, they told me! I didn’t have a choice. I was just written into the thing [laughs]. But for some reason, in the script, you saw Irene’s at the hospital, and then suddenly the bomb went off, and then you didn’t see anything again. So when they were showing a cut of the episode to the producers, they were like, “Where’s Irene? What happens?” And the director said, “I don’t know! It wasn’t written!” And the producers went, “Well, you have to show what happens to Irene!” So about four weeks after the hospital and container stuff and everything else had all been shot, I had to go back and they had to make up this limbo set for Irene and had to show her being thrown by the blast and debris falling on her!

Did you have a stunt double?
L: No, I did everything! There was this stunt guy showing you what to do, and we had crash mats and padded walls and all that kind of thing. It was great fun, except the guy who was firing the debris missed first time and got me right in the face. I was like, “You’re fired!” Anyway, after a couple of times, he got it right. It’s meant to be that the debris falls on you, not at you! It was good fun and very exciting.

Nic, Kyle’s been through a lot in Summer Bay. What’s your favourite storyline so far?
Nic: Well, I loved my entrance story. Maybe it was the over-excitement of joining the show and being in the outback, but I really connected with that feeling Kyle had of trying to join the Braxton brothers in his own twisted way. I’ve got two brothers of my own so to explore that isolated brotherly thing was really fun to do. Since then, heaps of storylines have been a ton of fun.

Did the bomb explosion go down a storm in Australia?
L: We had the highest ratings that we’ve had in five years!
N: Yeah, the explosion episodes and the aftermath ones too were both really popular.
L: It was fabulous.

For more exclusive gossip from Lynne and Nic, check out the rest of our great interview with them in our next issue, on sale 11 March! 


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