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Home & Away: Romeo + Ruby = hot!

HOME & AWAY WK15 EPS 5476-5480 Thursday 19 April

It’s not like us to want to break up a soapy marriage. After all, we’re usually the ones campaigning for writers to let couples be happy. But when it comes to Summer Bay’s Romeo and Indi, we can’t help wishing Romeo would ditch his whingeing wife and get with Ruby. They’re so hot together!

Indi’s been worried that all the surfing Romeo and Ruby have been doing together is going to lead to them being more than just friends… But while we know poor Romeo is just trying to help a friend in need, we can’t help hoping some of Indi’s suspicions would come true!

In today’s episode, Indi makes a surprise visit to see Romeo in his surfing competition, but ends up getting completely the wrong end of the stick and storming home in a strop when she sees him sharing an innocent moment with Ruby. But while we’re sympathetic about her worries over all the time Romeo is spending with his old flame (she is stunning after all!), we can’t help think that it might be Indi’s moaning that’s pushing him away, not the attraction of Ruby’s super surfing skills!

We’re also really pleased someone’s looking out for poor Ruby in her time of need: surfing – and Romeo! – seems to have taken her mind off Charlie’s death and that can only be a good thing.

This week Indi also meets a new man, who takes her on a date next week… Hang on a minute, surely she shouldn’t be dating when she’s married? If that isn’t a sign that she and Romeo got wed too young, we don’t know what is!

We also have to confess that the fact that Rebecca Breeds and Luke Mitchell, who play Ruby and Romeo, are dating in real life makes us love them even more… See, they’re a match made in sunny Aussie heaven!

So move over, Indi – it’s time for Rumeo to brighten up Summer Bay!


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