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Neighbours: Andrew’s mystery illness!

Andrew Monday 24 September

Following last week’s dramatic car crash, Andrew’s not getting much love from his friends – and it couldn’t have come at a worse time, as he’s not well at all…

Cocky Andrew tried to make it up with Chris, but when Chris agreed to give his friend another chance and started talking his troubles through, Andrew zoned out, feeling dizzy and disorientated.

Chris couldn’t believe Andrew wasn’t listening to him and told him to go away – not realising the Robinson lad was actually unwell.

It was pretty scary to watch as Andrew struggled through the day and eventually, when Aidan mentioned Mr Robinson might be suffering concussion after the accident, Andrew started to think that’s what was wrong with him.

Visiting Karl for medical advice, he received a frosty reception from Tash, Ed and Summer at the Kennedy house. They told him in no uncertain terms that he shouldn’t be moaning about a bit of dizziness when Sophie may never walk again – cold!

But it wasn’t not just a little dizzy spell: Andrew later blacked out! This is definitely something more serious.

If only his Robinson genes hadn’t made him a bad boy, his friends might care, but as it is Andrew’s all on his own. Let’s hope someone comes to his rescue soon and he doesn’t do anything stupid like not telling anyone he’s ill…


Storylines ending 15 August

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