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Neighbours: Horrid Holly

NEIGHBOURS WK33 EP6686 Monday 12 August

Blimey – we’ve only seen about five minutes of Holly in Ramsay Street and we hate her already! Could she be any more annoying? We don’t think so!

The whole ‘playing the perfect daughter routine in front of Karl and then being nasty to Susan’ storyline isn’t that surprising – that was always going to happen – but the fact that Holly is such a little madam is definitely going to get on our nerves… especially as we love Susan so much!

With mini-diva Hoyland set to stay in Erinsborough for a few weeks, she’s bound to test the strength of Karl and Susan’s marriage. We hope Karl realises that his daughter’s playing games with them both and doesn’t let her come between them – she’s far too annoying!

Tomorrow’s instalment of Neighbours is even more telling when Susan introduces Holly to Toadie… Let’s just say it doesn’t go too well! Now, we don’t take too kindly to people being nasty to Toadie and Susan – they’ve got to be the nicest people in Ramsay Street! Horrid Holly better do something to make us like her – and fast!


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