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Neighbours: It’s explosion day!

EveMorey Tuesday 16 April

There’s just one thing you need to have at the top of your to-do list today… and that’s watch Neighbours! The day of the explosion has finally arrived and the episode will be epic from start to finish – we promise!

We caught up with Eve Morey, who plays Ramsay Street’s doomed bride, Sonya, to find out what it was like to film the most dramatic stunt Neighbours has ever seen…

Did you enjoy filming the wedding?
I had so much fun! It’s always great to film something a bit different and it was lovely for the characters as well. They have this great relationship so it was nice to see them get married, even though they won’t necessarily get the perfect wedding day they deserve.

Did you enjoy playing a bride?
That I didn’t! People are surprised when I say that – you’d think actors are attention-seekers – but I found it disconcerting that such a huge amount of detail went into the wedding and it was all for Sonya and Toadie. It was great to see the different departments at Neighbours in their element, though. We filmed all the lovely happy scenes one day, and then when we went back two days later, the whole place had been demolished! It was amazing.

What sort of wedding would you have planned for Toadie and Sonya?
I can see them having a wedding in the garden. It would be a very relaxed and they’d probably be barefoot. Or it could have been on a beach, but they wanted a traditional white wedding. Their wedding also symbolises the beginning of a new part of her life. The white symbolises purity and it’s a chance to start again and leave her past behind her. It’s going to be a heartbreaking yet brilliant episode – everyone must watch it!

Get your first look at the explosion at 10pm tonight on Channel 5!


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