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Neighbours: Sonya & Toadie are having a baby!

NEIGHBOURS WK23 EP6396 Tuesday 5 June

At last – Sonya and Toadie are having a baby… and we can’t think of a soapy couple who deserve such happy news!

Not only do we totally love Toadie and Sonya (it’s so refreshing seeing a couple who are happy together!), but they’re also so clearly desperate to be parents.

When Lucas discovered he was going to be a dad, Sonya struggled to put her own feelings to one side but ultimately supported her friend in his time of need – which must have been incredibly hard, especially with the injustice of it all.

But today our favourite Ramsay Street couple find out that they’re going to be welcoming a new addition to their family, just when they least expected it!

As the pair attend the hospital blood drive (after interrupting their spot of afternoon delight at home, all thanks to Chris!), Sonya’s asked to take a pregnancy test before she can give her donation, if only to totally rule out the possibility she’s preggers… When she takes the test, she’s downhearted and not at all surprised to see it’s negative. But it turns out she threw it away too early and Dr Rhys finds the discarded test – which is now showing up as positive – in the bin and tells the pair they’re having a baby!

Sonya and Toadie’s delight is clear to see and they soon face the struggle of trying to keep their happy news a secret until their scan… But we can’t wait to see them with a little bubba. They’ll be great!


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