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Neighbours: Will Sophie die?

Neighbour crash Monday 17 September

Wow, Neighbours was more than a little bit dramatic today with the big car crash putting Sophie’s life in danger – will she survive?

After another run-in with Paul, Sophie was grounded. But with her teen rebellion in full flow, she packed her bag and sneaked out to the gig she wanted to go to anyway.

Meanwhile, Andrew and the gang also had tickets for the same gig and, when they were driving along, they heard a phone ringing in the boot – yep, that’s right, Sophie had stowed away.

When they discovered her hiding place, sensible Chris wanted to take her home, but the rest of them knew it would take too long. So they persuaded him to let her sit on Summer’s lap – without a seat belt…

We all knew where this was going… When an argument broke out between Andrew and Tash, and Chris tried to mediate, he lost control of the car and it veered through a road sign before rolling over and stopping upside down.

Sophie’s the most vulnerable to injury, but the accident will have far-reaching consequences for everybody – not least Andrew. So who was to blame?

Andrew sold the app and forged Tash’s signature, so he was the cause of the argument, but we all know Tash has got an overdramatic streak: could she have reacted more calmly in the car?

Or should Chris have put his foot down and said he wasn’t taking Sophie without a seat belt? Usually sensible Summer would have agreed with him – surely she should have spoken up?

Whoever’s fault it is, we can’t wait to see what happens next!


Storylines ending 15 August

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