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HOME AND AWAY WK26 EP 5534 Tuesday 4 September

Just how good is it to have Home and Away back? We’ve missed all the Summer Bay drama and there’s bucketloads of it in today’s episode – here’s our top three reasons why you should watch!

1. Brax gets attacked and left for dead!

Yes, you read that right: poor Brax gets beaten on the way home from work and his lifeless body is dumped in the bush from a moving car. Now, call us fickle, but the attack has Danny Braxton written all over it. If there was ever a threatening presence in the Bay, he is it. Danny might look like the reformed ex-con (are you taking note, Marilyn?!) but you can just sense the danger bubbling underneath his surface – and when he threatens Natalie in tonight’s episode, and Brax takes it upon himself to warn his dad off, it looks like he’s got enough reason to call in the heavies to teach his son a lesson.

2. Romeo breaks Ruby’s heart and tries to get back with Indi!

Now, this is what we call a love triangle! The Romeo, Ruby and Indi saga continues after Romeo tried to kiss Indi yesterday. Desperate to win his wife back, Romeo goes to see Indi to apologise, only for her to tell him he needs to clear the air with Ruby first – prompting him to tell Rubs they’re over for good. Nooo! But when he sees Indi getting closer with Liam, will Romeo fight his friend to get his girl back?

3. Dangerous Danny takes Marilyn on a date… Eek!

Who would have thought – innocent, ditzy Marilyn, going out for dinner with super-scary Danny! But as well as being strangely compelling viewing, Danny’s date has convenient timing… With him wining and dining a giggly Marilyn at the time of his son’s assault, will Brax ever be able to prove his dad was responsible?

So, there you have it. Make sure you tune in later – it’s definitely not an episode to be missed!


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