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Deadly lust!

Dean Wicks

Just what is Dean Wicks up to, eh? He’s been planting his lips on Linda in the most sinister way, and giving her bum a squeeze at the photo shoot was a step too far. Actor Matt Di Angelo, who plays Dean, has admitted arguing with ‘Enders bosses when they told him what direction his character was going in – though he’s come round to the storyline now. Could messed-up Dean’s obsession with Linda go too far? Could he even rape poor Mrs Carter?

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Don’t do it, Maxine!


OMG, it’s Maxine and Patrick’s wedding day. But with the pregnant bride terrified of the volatile, violent groom, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be the happiest day of anyone’s life. With Dennis determined to help his friend escape, and knowledge of Maxine’s torment spreading, will she be able to free herself from Mr Blake’s clutches?

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Crazy Sharon shoots Phil?

Sharon kills Phil

Poor Shaz has been scared of her own shadow since she was attacked at The Albert by the heavies Phil paid for. But this fortnight she finally finds out what her fiancé’s been up to when she overhears a conversation between him and Shirley. With Shaz still hanging on to Ronnie’s gun, could she take dreadful revenge on her fella for setting up her attack?

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Stacey free!


We’ve had a sneaky glimpse of some behind-the-scenes pics of actress Lacey Turner, who’s back in EastEnders as Stacey Slater. But while we’re thrilled to see Stace back on our screens, we were less excited to see her sitting by mum Jean’s hospital bedside. Is Jean seriously ill? We know Stacey will soon be back in Walford for good. Could she be released for her mum’s funeral? We hope not!

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Kerry arrested!

Kerry arrested

Kerry and Dan’s wedding was never going to be a quiet, classy affair, was it? But even so, we didn’t expect it to be quite as lairy as it turns out. The hen night’s a horror show when Kez ends up being kissed by her future brother-in-law, Daz – as Dan watches in shock. And who knows if the wedding even goes ahead! All Emmerdale bosses will tell us about the big day is the police arrive and Kerry, Dan and Daz all end up being nicked! Sounds like a day to remember… for all the wrong reasons!

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