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Stacey’s jailbreak!


Hooray! Stacey’s back on our screens this fortnight, as is Jean – and Stace’s mum has got a grand plan to get her daughter out of prison. But with Ms Branning determined to pay the price for killing Archie, can Jean convince her to go through with it? It may be too late, because later, Jean collapses…

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Marlon kisses Donna!


Emotions are running high when Donna receives some devastating news – she’s only got weeks left to live. Shocked to their core, Donna and her ex-husband Marlon try to digest the news, and as the tears flow, they share a kiss! But does this mean they’re back on? And what does it mean for poor Laurel and Ross?

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Sienna fancies her brother!


Eww, eww, eww! Sienna’s done a lot of wild and wacky things in her time, but trying to snog her brother tops the list! She’s already tried it once, when she was at her lowest point, so what drives her to do it again? Has something sent her off the rails again – or is she really in love with her twin?

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Mick’s cheating shame!


Mick Carter – a cheater? Never! Well, we’re right actually, because this fortnight, he isn’t trying to cheat on Linda at all. Rather, he’s trying to help out Ian out of his latest mess with Rainie – but ends up getting arrested! Will Linda believe his version of events – and can this twisted secret stay buried? In Walford, it’s very unlikely!

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Corrie trial shock!


Peter’s been wallowing in self-pity for so long that he’s been adamant he’s pleading guilty to Tina’s murder – even though he, and we, know that he didn’t do it! But Ken and Tracy are overjoyed when Mr Barlow has a change of heart – and pleads his innocence. As Peter vows to fight for justice, should Rob be watching his back?

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