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Lucy funeral showdown!


Even beyond the grave, Lucy knows how to cause trouble for her long-suffering dad, as some of her many skeletons come tumbling out of the closet… While Lauren and Peter try to fend off cruel internet trolls, Ian prepares to say a final goodbye to his only daughter. But why is he furiously arguing with Max? (Picture: ISO Images.)

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Stalker Maria found out!


Since Marcus broke her heart into a million little pieces, Maria’s behaviour has spiralled out of control – resulting in her stalking Tyrone by pretending to be Kirsty! This fortnight, her sinister act is finally exposed. Will Ty and Fiz be able to forgive their old friend? Or has Maz pushed them too far?

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Sonia snogs Tina!


Well, it was only going to be a matter of time! This fortnight, bosom buddies Sonia and Tina grow closer – and after confiding in her mate about her various woes, Mrs Fowler dives in for a smooch. But will Ms Carter be as receptive? Or has Sonia just made a terrible misjudgment? We wonder what Martin would say…

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Carla arrested for killing Tina?


Tina McIntyre’s not long for this world now, and our exclusive pap pics show that her death will have major repercussions for many of the Street’s residents… Carla, Michelle and Rob are all looking solemn outside Weatherfield police station, but which of them has just been interrogated by the police? Or have they been visiting another possible suspect? (Picture: McPix.)

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Grace tortures Ste!


Lesson one: never mess with Grace Black! This fortnight, Ste is the unlucky victim of her violent streak, as she goes on the rampage for her father’s killer. She holds poor Ste captive, and tells him he must confess to murdering Fraser if he ever wants to see the light of day again! But has Grace got the right person? And will Ste make it out alive?

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