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Tina and Carla team up!


It’s Peter’s worst nightmare – his wife and mistress joining forces! This fortnight, Peter’s latest battle with the bottle is finally discovered by Carla, and she insists he go off to rehab. At first, he says no, no, no – but with Carla and Tina keeping watch on him at all times, will he soon change his mind?

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Lucy dead! Who did it?


They’ve been saying that Walford will change forever, and this fortnight, it finally happens… Lucy is killed! The lass’s body is found lifeless on Walford Common – but who did her in? With the bitchy blonde having made tons of enemies recently, it could be a whole host of people!

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Charity pregnant and engaged!


Charity’s usually a savvy lady, but this fortnight, she’s shocked to find out she’s pregnant! After the news is revealed to Declan, he’s delighted – and it doesn’t take long for him to get down on one knee and propose. So Charity’s now expecting a baby, and planning to head down the aisle – but are either of these things what she wants?

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Ty’s double stalker hell!


Tyrone reckoned that when Kirsty was banged up, it meant an end to his nightmare. But he was wrong. Now she’s out and he’s started getting strange texts. Are they from his evil ex? And speaking of exes, his former fiancée Maria is getting too close for comfort too. Can Ty fend off these two tenacious temptresses?

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James is Adam’s dad?!


James Barton is a complicated man. He’s always held a torch for his dead brother’s wife, and now his nephew could actually be his son! When Adam celebrates a birthday, James does some maths and concludes that Adam could actually be his. Will the Barton family be destroyed by a possible long-buried secret?

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